Uh oh. Water is coming from somewhere, and it looks like the fireplace is the culprit! If you fear your chimney is leaking, it’s best to call in a professional chimney sweep right away to address any necessary repairs. The sooner you get it done, the less overall damage you’ll end up facing. Not to mention, your fireplace will thank you! Call us to get the job done right!

Dangers & Damages Behind A Leak
So, what happens when a leak continues to occur? Unresolved water issues are a serious problem when it comes to your masonry chimney. Brickwork may seem strong and impenetrable, but it’s more like a sponge than you may think! It easily soaks in any excess water your system is exposed to, which causes it to break down a lot quicker over time. You’re looking at a much weaker structure in the long run, and you’ll be forced to invest in costly and time-consuming repairs.

Along with this, water exposure leads to a lot issues throughout your chimney system. Rust, rot, stains, clogs, and cracks are just some of the many problems that will start to occur, and all of these things make your fireplace unsuitable and unsafe for regular use. Unfortunately, you could eventually face a chimney settlement or collapse. Call us in to address any damage, before further destruction occurs.

Signs Of A Leak
Do you think you’ve spotted some water, but aren’t sure that it’s coming from your chimney? If so, we can help you out with some common signs that a leak is present. First off, check the walls and ceiling around your fireplace and chimney. It’s common to see water stains in these areas when excess water has accumulated.

Along with this, check these potential water entry points for signs of damage: chimney caps, chimney crowns, and flashing. If any of these things are damaged, cracked, or rusted, then that’s probably where the water is entering. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible! All of these things are great at keeping water out when working appropriately. However, even a small hole can lead to lots of necessary repairs when not addressed promptly.

We Can Help You Out!
No matter the issue, we are here for you. We can patch up or replace your crown, cap, or flashing. In addition, we will ensure that they are in the best possible condition! This way, water problems won’t be coming back anytime soon. Along with this, we offer waterproofing, so your brickwork and mortar can stay protected all year long. Ask our staff about these great services today – you won’t regret working with us!